At Merkle Aquila we have built a world-class team to deliver outstanding results for our clients.

A strong ethos and values that drive sustainable growth are essential to how we do business. When faced with difficult decisions and new challenges, it means our people won’t just go after the money. We stick to our own high standards, and do business in a way that makes Merkle Aquila a great place to work.

Deliver brilliantly

Push when others hesitate, find the problem and fix it. Look ahead, anticipate barriers and share your solutions, and you will be our client’s secret weapon.

Be open

Consider opinions but also voice your own point of view, shoulder responsibility but let others help solve problems.

Take initiative

Keep searching for the next big thing, find new ways of working, lead the action and shape your future.

Be the difference

Take the desired outcome and make your work the best possible way to reach it.



Do you think simply having the ability to slice and dice data is no longer good enough? We do too.

Aquila Insight people have an in-depth understanding of new channels, commercial awareness and effective communication. Technical ability is a given.

A few words on working in data…