The job of a data scientist is mentally demanding; we get that. Merkle Aquila does an excellent job of recognising this and accommodating the various working styles particular to us analysts. Here, we recognise that we all get our energy from different places – sometimes that’s a social, collaborative environment to thrash out a solution on a whiteboard, other times it’s a quiet place to allow headspace and some much needed one-on-one time with the data. It can even be sitting playing with Lego, giving our brain exercise while we’re thinking through a problem.

The business thrives because we are given the freedom to deliver; be this in the hours we work or the clothes we wear. It’s understood that you also have a life outside of work, for the mums and dads amongst us, that’s especially helpful. When it’s required or preferred, working from home is also an option – although it does mean missing out on the fully-stocked drinks fridge, fresh fruit bowl and biscuit tin!

The culture supports us to be more creative; we are encouraged on a daily basis to push the envelope on the solutions we design for our clients. Our data scientists enjoy the large variety of projects and business sectors we work with. We’re not shy of a challenge and are always keen to develop our experience in new business sectors – after all, data is data, and we know data. Our fresh-eyes approach to data source types we’ve never previously worked with has proven to be mutually beneficial to all parties concerned and given our data scientists the opportunity to be pioneering in their field.

At Merkle Aquila, we understand and provide a home-from-home for data scientists. If we like you, it’s probably because we are like you and vice versa. Interested in joining us? Get in touch!