The advertising industry has changed considerably in the past 20 years, with the shift from print and TV to digital – not to mention all the new technology that makes customisation possible, and that has opened the doors to even bigger and better display advertising.

Coupled with all of that is the fact that consumers have become much more savvy and expect brands to produce unique, attention-grabbing campaigns that speak to them.

An article in Business Daily has highlighted just how important it is, therefore, for those working in advertising to embrace big data and the advantages it can offer.

In the online environment, analysing big data is essential if you’re going to effectively target consumers – but many businesses still struggle to utilise it effectively, the news provider notes.

This is because they don’t have the necessary expertise to not only analyse the vast amounts of data they have access to, but also to take action based on what they find. This is why so many companies could benefit from working alongside a business data analyst, to help them make sense of what their consumers want.

It’s all about understanding user behaviour, the publication states. “Big data can be used to help create targeted and personalised campaigns that ultimately save money and increase efficiency by targeting the right people with the right product,” it asserted.

A post for CTO Vision last month echoed these thoughts, noting that by tapping into the digital footprint left by customers, businesses have a range of “highly valuable” information available to them.

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