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Merkle MENA Executive Summit

Merkle MENA Summit on the 19th February at Rixos Premium, Dubai. This event will have a large focus on use cases in region and networking. The day will consist of keynote talks, panels on data and digital topics supported by partners in region and then networking opportunities.

Please find the registration link here. 

Scotland Data Science & Technology Meet-up

Two of our staff will be speaking at this event on the 2nd of April.

Come listen to the talk on ‘Commercialising Analytics, ML & AI’: As AI & ML extend beyond the confines of the tech office, there is a need to better understand its many applications. This talk aims to debunk some of the myths about AI & ML surrounding expense, accessibility and redundancy and demonstrate how to extract value in commercial AI. Through an exploration of ‘Automation of Inspection Activities’, this talk will detail commercial AI in practice and discuss how to leverage AI fast, accurately and actionably.

Request to attend on the meet up website.

DataFest Sponsorship

Merkle Aquila is excited to announce that this year we will be a Silver Sponsor of DataFest – a two-week festival of Data Innovation in Scotland from the 11th to 22nd of March.

Now in its third year, DataFest will showcase Scotland’s leading role in data science and artificial intelligence, whist offering platforms to interact with local and international talent, industry, academia and data enthusiasts. This year, the focus for the event is #DataTogether, which aligns with Merkle Aquila’s attention to collaboration and community within the data sphere. Thus, this event will be a fantastic opportunity to learn from and connect with many of the leaders in the data innovation space in Scotland.  

We will be involved in a variety of events across the week and would encourage anyone who is interested to come join us. We will be hosting a free Fringe event at our office on the 18th, we will be present all day at Data Talent with a Merkle Aquila stand and will be conducting a breakout session, amongst other exciting things, at the Summit on the 21st.

This is going to be a fantastic festival – with something for everyone— and we highly recommend that everyone gets involved.

You can find out more about the festival at: https://www.datafest.global/.

For more information, you can reach us at:

Our website: https://www.aquilainsight.com/
Twitter: @aquilainsight

Linkedin: /company/aquila-insight/

See you there!

Delivering Analytics Smartly

It’s getting tough out there for businesses that have recognised the value that analytics can bring to their organisations. The pool of talent isn’t growing as quickly as the need, and worse still the wise heads that have years of hands on experience who know how to deliver analytics effectively are barely growing at all.

What does this mean for businesses entering into the world of analytics? It’s expensive, it’s much easier to hire the wrong people and there is less certainty of success. It all looks a bit scary unless you happen to be an analysts!

So what’s the solution, should business give up before they start. Of course not, there are always ways and means.

  1. First invest in getting it right first time either through sucking it up and hiring the right experienced people – through leaning on professionals who are experts in this field
  2. Spend the time understanding where analytics can add most value in the business
  3. Develop a roadmap aligned to potential value
  4. Develop the analytical capability against delivering the roadmap
  5. Ensure that you focus on productionising and automating as much as possible along the way so that you can re-focus on the delivering the roadmap.
  6. And continue….

Put simply – plan carefully, deliver through a strong focused team, use technology to take the repeat workload off the team so they and continue to add value.

Put simply – plan carefully, deliver through a strong focused team, use technology to take the repeat workload off the team so they and continue to add value.