The challenge:
A global mobile phone company wanted to understand what drives satisfaction and how it relates to customer retention.

With the focus on launching ten or more new handsets each year, our client lacked insight into the consumer experience over the product lifecycle.  While they tracked issues and collected feedback, there was no single view of the scale or impact. It was unclear which issues were most important to the user experience – the scratched case or the software that wouldn’t allow the sharing of photos.

Our approach:
We worked with individual data sources and a broad cross section of the business to prove an initial hypothesis that could link customer satisfaction with the likelihood of repurchase and to champion the business.

We brought together internal and external teams to build a process that makes it possible to gain customer feedback via a survey at different points in the lifecycle, to capture, measure, understand and act on customer feedback.

We used the resulting data to quantify customer satisfaction and put a financial value on it.

The results:
The business gained an end-to-end view of the customer lifecycle, with improved insight into the drivers of satisfaction from customer behaviour.

Acting on the resulting data, the business rationalised the range to launch as few as five new handsets a year.  By making changes to the way software is updated, new products are designed and the ongoing support is provided, the business has already seen major cost savings.

Significant increase in retention rates, consumer satisfaction and loyalty.

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