Data analytics can be an incredibly powerful tool for businesses of all sizes, but despite the numerous benefits when it’s done correctly, there can still be people within an organisation who are unsure of its merits.

A new article for ITProPortal looked at what you can do to help other people in your firm trust data analysts and the insights they can provide.

Writing for the publication, Mike MacIntyre noted that while there can be many different ways in which people oppose data analytics, the main reason for doing so is usually the same – a lack of trust in the technology.

He stressed that getting everyone to trust the insights from data analytics will make a big difference in terms of decision making within a company. So how can you develop this trust?

“Transparency is the key to building trust,” Mr MacIntyre asserted. This means involving key stakeholders at every part of a project and making sure that you engage with them frequently so that they feel as though they are on the journey with you.

“It’s much harder to argue against something you were involved in producing,” he noted. However, he acknowledged that taking the time to reach out to everyone who has doubts in this way isn’t likely to be practical, but stressed that by engaging with a few key players, you can make significant strides.

We recently highlighted the need to use unstructured data to help make better business decisions, explaining why this – as opposed to structured data – is so vital for data scientists to be able to create models that relate to the operation of the business.

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