The challenge:
The global investment sector is a hugely diverse and complex marketplace. Our client, the investment arm of a leading UK financial services company, needed to make sense of their customer base.

They wanted to compete on customer service but needed help to ensure consistency of communication across multiple channels, and specifically outbound calls by relationship managers.

Our approach:
We mapped out a single process for managing customers through every stage from attraction through ongoing management to retention.

First we improved efficiencies identifying the different processes across the business, and any inconsistencies.  Then we started to map out a single process that could be used to support the development of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.

The results:
We were able to present a business case for investment in CRM infrastructure. Armed with CRM the relationship managers have been able to significantly improve the management of the firm’s most valuable customers.

Increased focus on customers with the greatest potential.

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