More and more businesses are moving away from business intelligence (BI) in favour of data analytics, with research conducted by Exasol revealing that three-quarters of companies are making this shift.

However, the research also found that 82 per cent of businesses do not know where their critical data is stored. What’s more, 55 per cent of those questioned said that data fragmentation across multiple databases is slowing down their progress towards data analytics.

The study looked at how businesses in Germany and the UK are handling the transformation. It also asked why they were making the move to data analytics.

Almost two-thirds of those questioned said that they were already seeing some of the business value they’d hoped for, despite not having completed the transition.

Mathias Golombek, CTO at Exasol, explained that although many businesses are working towards better data analytics they are struggling with their data infrastructure.

He stated: “Most data science teams don’t have the data infrastructure they need to surface that dark data and make data analytics available on demand.”

Customer Think reported on further comments made by Mr Golombeck, who pointed out that compliance with GDPR regulation can help organisations create that “single view of the consumer” that they are seeking, while staying on the right side of data protection law.

According to a recent article in Computer Weekly, companies that want to introduce data analysis need to make sure that they focus on developing a data-driven culture as much as investing in new technology.

Getting help from an analytical consultancy could be one way in which to begin this process.

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