The challenge:   We worked with a multinational mobile manufacturer to help it better understand its consumers and develop strategies for communication, acquisition and driving value.A decade-long restructuring had resulted in the absence of an in-house analytics team. As a result board-level decision making was based on gut feeling or a limited view of the world, causing wide-spread confusion at strategic and grassroots level within marketing teams. Frequent changing between product and customer strategy had many questioning what it was trying to achieve.We found limited access to data or tools; a workplace undergoing transformation from a labyrinthine company structure and the challenge of managing multiple stakeholders.

Our approach:  We developed a roadmap and governance framework to grow the company’s analytical capability across advanced reporting, consumers behaviour and lifetime value to firmly embed a consumer strategy at the heart of the organisation.  We evolved a team, initially with a head count of three which grew to still only 13, as each ‘gate/stage/checkpoint’ was passed, and ran full global analytics.First we assessed the capability, toolkit and data sources to develop a programme that would unlock the potential within the business. This included deploying both a statistical tool and web measurement tool. We unlocked access to consumer data siloed across the business, bought together multiple-consumer, third-party and market-research data to provide a comprehensive view.

The results: We revolutionised how our client looks at and talks about consumers using insight through segmentations. The strategic planning tools we built, and recommendations we made at board level have improved consumer focus and resulted in the launch of a loyalty programme, combining to drive all-important consumer retention.  Products are now designed around consumers rather than technology, leading to greater innovation.  Our team continues to work with the wider group.

Global analytics team established from nothing, in super speedy time

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