The Challenge:
A large multi-national oil and gas company wanted to store and visualise the data from their drilled oil and gas wells. They needed to be able to retrieve data from locations across several countries, and the challenge was to work with multiple formats requiring significant pre-processing to ensure accurate representation when visualised.

Our Approach:
The data organisational structure was specified and deployed on the client’s Cloudera environment. We then provided a suite of data pre-processing algorithms to clean and enhance the data. Then we used a novel technique to stitch 2D images together to create 3D images, and novel image analysis to automate pre-processing tasks. Finally, we built an app and user interface as a web application, visualising data in 3D, deployed within the client’s environment.

The Results:
Economic and efficient oil and gas production is dependent on the analysis of data from drilled wells. The right tools make all the difference, and our client got an app and interface that works well for the most and least technically-minded person and is scalable across their company.