The challenge:
We worked with a global telecoms company to help it better understand its reach and performance, and to be able to communicate to a breadth of stakeholders.

Lacking an in-house analytics team, their people used ‘work arounds’ to provide performance metrics; data would be taken from reports and dropped into a spreadsheet to create a presentation. This caused delays in getting the information needed to make management decisions.

The business metrics were held in multiple reports with no single view on performance. The results were often not read due to the number of reports being produced. It was also hard to establish clear KPIs.

Our approach:
Our team worked with the business to bring together a summary of all consumer touchpoints and brand metrics in a single location; an engagement and KPI scorecard.

First we reviewed the potential to exploit their data effectively; we developed a roadmap and governance framework. We audited all their reporting and implemented hierarchical dashboards to facilitate use by senior management at an operational level, by incorporating query tools to drill-down into metrics-by-market to establish KPIs.  By creating algorithms to merge all metrics, we automated tasks to improve efficiencies, with results delivered straight to PowerPoint.

The results:
By automating the collation of data from sources across the business to present it in the right format we saved the business 240 days per year of resourcing. Strategic recommendations we made to the board led to the consolidation of consumer data, for easy access by a single team.

KPIs established and 240 days-per-year saving of resource for their teams

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