Number crunching alone won’t provide the answers a business needs.

Engaging with customers in an effective and profitable way depends on how data is collected, analysed and acted on.

We use a wide variety of statistical analysis and data visualisation techniques to solve your business problems.

We are technology agnostic, preferring to choose the right tools to solve specific problems.

Aquila Insight develops all of the measurements frameworks and KPIs that a business needs to fully monitor and track the effects of its customer interactions across all channels: digital, direct and above the line.

We go beyond a purely analytical approach to provide recommendations to the business on the best course of action.

Our team of over 135 award-winning data analysts and data scientists offer the following technical expertise, strong communication skills and practical business experience.

Customer Analysis

Investigative analysis focused on understanding customer behaviour to help building and delivering customer propositions

Propensity Modelling

The building and deploying of models that predict future behaviour at an individual or summarised level

Cluster Analysis

Statistical approach used to group similar groups of customers based on their historic and current behaviour

Recommendation Engines

Tools used to deliver Next Best Actions to customers and business users

LTV Modelling

The analytical approach used to calculate a customer’s historic, current and future value to a business

Econometrics & Media Mix

The approach taken to understand and calculate the value of marketing, environmental and competitor activity at a macro level in driving customer sales

Attribution Modelling

The approach taken to understand the value of every marketing interaction in driving a customer outcome e.g. sales

Scenario Planning

Forecasting method used to allow businesses to test impact of different strategies on driving a desired out come

Next Best Action Models

Predictive models, triggers and Customer volunteered information built and deployed to understand the next action a business should take with a customer

Price Elasticity

Price elasticity is a measure of the responsiveness of demand or supply of a good or service to changes in price

Market Analysis

The analysis of a market to understand the underlying trends and how they relate to each other

Digital Analysis

Analysis of customer digital behaviour to help improve future performance

Uplift Modelling

A specific type of predictive modelling used to understand the customers you can influence through contact and those that you can’t or will do the desired activity anyways

KPI Dashboards

Descriptive analysis tracking historic and current behaviour

CSI & NPS Drivers

The links between CSI & NPS that tie to business leavers

GIS / GEO Mapping

Analysis undertaken to understand behaviour and a geographical level