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Data transformations

We spend as much time thinking about the business problem as we do about the data. Transformation supports your key objectives with a tailored solution, creating actionable insights and deployment. There are three ways we can help you to understand and use your business data and tools effectively. Analytical Roadmap Gap Analysis Capability Roadmap.


Data science and analytics

Number crunching alone won’t provide the answers a business needs. Our team of over 60 award-winning data analysts and data scientists have strong communication skills and a practical business experience. Proactive and highly skilled in their use of data and data platforms, analytical, productionisation tools, programming languages and cutting-edge analytical techniques.


Discovery Platform

Discovery brings together a summary of all consumer touch points and brand metrics in a single location, allowing you to better understand your reach, performance and be able to communicate to stakeholders. The platform makes it possible to rapidly process large volumes of data for affordable analytics. Either as a managed service or a tool for your business. Our off-the-shelf apps allow you deep-dive quicker.



Optimise Technology Setup

Choosing and implementing the right technology isn’t easy. Get help implementing and optimising technology platforms. Manage getting data from disparate data sources, solutions and servers into once place.


Partnering with best in class Cloud providers we help you choose the right solution engineering the platforms and enable efficient data consumption and activation across the organisation.


We enable integration, consumption and activation of IoT data through a constant real time stream of data about product/service consumption, machinery, supply chain and production line efficiency.


Employing segmentation, lifetime value, churn and omni-channel analytics all increase sophistication and improve business


Analytics maturity enables data science. We can drive better business decisions through predictive modelling, scenario planning and machine-led optimisation


Businesses need a clear line of sight into the performance of their media, marketing and financial performance


We provide an outsourced analytics and engineering capability for many of our clients. Ensuring that analytics delivers measurable value effectively into businesses


We have built, and continue to nurture and grow, a world class analytics team. Let us help you recruit, structure, train and retain your team


Helping you to develop new ways of working to embrace data driven decision making across the many areas of your business, to ensure you can become fully self sufficient

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Machine Learning Image Analysis for Asset Inspection

The Challenge: Our client wanted to understand whether the application of machine learning to data (images, video) collected by an autonomous device could be used automate routine inspections currently only performed by humans. The solution needed to be scalable and […]

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Recommendation Engines

The Challenge: Our client, a flight company, wanted an engine that would recommend ‘add-ons’ to new and returning customers making bookings, and even after the booking is made. There were a handful of challenges that came with this project: we […]

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Sales Optimisation

The challenge: As more consumers shift to online shopping, our client wanted to understand whether their traditional catalogue-driven business should reduce their current investment in traditional media channels and focus more activity on digital media.  Did the catalogue still have […]

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Automate Tasks to Improve Efficiency

The challenge: We worked with a global telecoms company to help it better understand its reach and performance, and to be able to communicate to a breadth of stakeholders. Lacking an in-house analytics team, their people used ‘work arounds’ to […]

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Predictive Asset Process Events

The Challenge: Foaming events are an operational challenge felt across the entire oil and gas industry. They occur when separating out the oil/gas, and can increase the operating costs and reduce production efficiency. Usually a control room operator has little […]

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Customer Retention

The challenge: The insurance market revolves around the date when insurance policies come up for renewal.  In order to retain customers, our client like many insurance brokers, needed to create effective marketing communications. They wanted our help to identify the […]

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  • "At Sony Mobile, we were after a team that not only understands data and advanced analytics, but is able to face into the business, understand core questions and deliver great work that drives action. Aquila Insight deliver on this and more, delivering highly polished analysis that always has a value add."

    Telecoms customer 
  • ""We like to give Aquila Insight our hardest problems to solve, and time and again they produce the goods. Their knowledge of multi-channel data is second to none and every member of Aquila that I have met, is very impressive. They have very quickly become one of our go-to analytical partners, a great team too."

    Retail customer 
  • "Having worked with Aquila Insight since they launched I have been hugely impressed with the approach they take to the complex challenges that we set them. They are keen to work collaboratively and I now view them as an extended part of our team, often bringing them in to brainstorm how we should approach our next analytical problem. I look forward to working with them further as our relationship develops."

    Insurance customer 
  • "Merkle Aquila proved themselves."

    Utilities customer 
  • "Valuable sounding board for thinking across our business and passionate about driving benefit from data driven insight."

    Retail Bank customer 
  • "Part of the family."

    Telecoms customer 
  • "Very Responsive, good expertise."

    Retail customer 
  • "They are interested in solving the problem not just selling."

    Utilities customer 
  • "Merkle Aquila elicit a level of trust that doesn't exist with other analytic suppliers."

    Bank customer 
  • "NPS Scores from a leading global travel company, global electronics business and UK top 5 bank 9/10, 10/10 and 9/10."

    Telecoms customer