Aquila Discovery can take you places that never seemed possible.

Our Aquila Discovery platform lets you integrate data quickly and easily, so you can afford to explore more.

Fast, affordable, scalable and, above all, secure.

If you need to explore and examine data – whether it’s to track trends or predict future activity – it’s vital that you can do so quickly, after all, your customers won’t wait for your IT systems to catch up with them…

Whether you opt for a tailor made app, wish to customise one of our existing marketing or customer apps or find an app that suits your needs, we’ll give you the freedom to do your own deep dive analytics, using a variety of analytical tools.

We’ll help you find what you need to make more informed decisions, and help you identify actions that will optimise your marketing. Aquila Discovery removes the time and cost barriers that can prevent you from trying new ideas.

You only pay for what you use, when you use it, and you don’t have to wait for internal IT resources, so you’re free to discover what your business needs whenever you need to.

How it works

Your data, your way, your timeframe


Key benefits

  • Ready made or bespoke? We have the right fit for you 
  • Superb storage and powerful processing that’s robust enough for anything, configured to your needs 
  • Easy for you to access, difficult for others to compromise  
  • Fast turnarounds with minimal fuss 
  • Associates costs with benefits 
  • Adjust your server use for your actual needs 
  • Scalability no matter how big or small the project 

Past. Present. Future. Our apps can handle it all.

Ours apps help you harness the power of your data, let you explore past behaviors, predict future activity and respond to current trends in your marketplace. In other words, we can put the data you need about the entire customer lifecycle in your hands. What’s more we’ll supply it in a form that works for you, giving you the power to explore the information that matters in the way that works for you.

All of our apps – whether tailor made or off-the-shelf – give you this, meaning you have what you need to create outcomes and strategies that benefit your business right now. Plus, because our apps are scalable they can grow in line with your project or business, so you can be confident that even if you start small there are no limits to where you can go.

The platform is fast, safe and secure, so you can get information quickly without worrying about security or IT restrictions. It’s also surprisingly cost effective, so you can afford to ask more questions, try new things and explore more options.


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